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Sélection de la Médiathèque

Sélection d'ouvrages choisis ce mois-ci en coup de cœur par les collaborateurs de la Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (BnL).
  • George Washington [Film] - written by Richard Fielder and Jon Boothe ; based on the books by James Thomas Flexner ; directed by Buzz Kulik

    « This eight-hour miniseries stars Barry Bostwick as George Washington – the initially reluctant first American President who remains a symbol of diplomacy and strength to this day. Bostwick is accompanied by screen legend Patty Duke who plays the inimitable Martha Washington.
    Chronicling Washington’s life from age 11 to age 51, this unparalleled biopic of the America hero is based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning biography by James Thomas Flexner.
    Nominated for six Primetime Emmys, the series explores key moments in Washington's life and career, including his involvement in the French and Indian War, the coming and commencement of the Revolutionary War, and the victory of the Independence from England. »

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  • Goldwyn : the man and his movies - dir. by Mark Catalena, Peter Jones ; written by A. Scott Berg, Peter Jones

    « Everybody knows the name Goldwyn. Through this documentary, everyone will get to know the man behind the name. This is a tale not only of a man but of an era and of the history of Hollywood. The film contains clips from over 38 movies as well as many first-person interviews and a great deal of rare archival footage and photography. This film is in many ways about the American Dream itself. A truly unforgettable story of a life that shaped the entire film industry for over fifty years and left such classics as Wuthering Heights, Porgy and Bess, Guys and Dolls... »

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  • Tower [Film] - written and dir. by Keith Maitland

    « Animation, testimony, and archival footage combine to relate the events of August 1, 1966 when a gunman opened fire from the University of Texas clock tower, killing 16 people. »

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  • Tu vida en 65' = Your life in 65 - dir. por Maria Ripoll ; guión Albert Espinosa ; basado en la obra de teatro homónima de Albert Espinosa

    « When a trio of lifelong buddies living in Barcelona read an obituary for a man they believe to be an old friend, they soon set out to pay their respects in director Maria Ripoll's quirky tale of mistaken identity. Dani (Javier Periera), Francisco (Marc Rodriguez), and Ignacio (Oriol Vila) are soaking in the sun when Francisco stumbles across a death notice that appears to be for their old friend Alberto. Upon arriving to bid their old friend farewell, Dani bumps into his ex-girlfriend Carmen (Nuria Gago) and falls hard for Alberto's sister Cristina (Tamara Arias). When the trio realizes that the recently deceased Alberto is not the same man they grew up with, the complications that follow leads them to reconsider the role that death plays in everyday life. »

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  • The Vanderbilts [Film] : an American dynasty - dir. by Molly Thompson ; written by Alan Goldberg

    « Tells the story of the family once called the most powerful in America. In the 1800s Cornelius "Commodore" Vanderbilt made a fortune in shipping and railroads, but by the 1900s the dynasty has been disgraced through a series of extravagant excesses, family backbiting, and sexual indiscretions »

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