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Sélection non luxembourgeoise

Sélection d'ouvrages choisis ce mois-ci en coup de cœur par les collaborateurs de la Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg (BnL).
  • The Biba years : 1963-1975 - Barbara Hulanicki and Martin Pel

    « Founded as a boutique mail-order service in 1963, Biba - the brainchild of designer Barbara Hulanicki - quickly gained cult status, and outgrew several London premises before landing at 99 - 117 Kensington High Street in 1973 as 'Big Biba', 'the most beautiful store in the world'. Barbara Hulanicki, through the intensity of her vision, completely altered the aesthetics of the time. She shunned the dainty and delicate pastels and frumpy casuals in favor of richly muted colors like rust, olive, and her signature bruised purple which she swathed the Biba brand in. She wanted glamor and decadence, a revival of dressing up for almost any occasion, and was forever inspired by the heyday of 1930s Hollywood. This book tells the story of the Biba years, from the first ensembles, through the four iconic London shops, to the eventual flourishing of a lifestyle brand that revolutionized British retail and fashion culture. It shows the world as it was during those few years, when the London high street brand Biba rose meteorically to becoming the ultimate tastemaker for everything in the 70s »

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  • Le bureau des jardins et des étangs : roman - Didier Decoin

    « Shimae, Japon, aux alentours de l'an 1000. Katsuro est un pêcheur virtuose, capable d'attraper les plus belles carpes pour les vendre sur les marchés de la ville d'Heian-kyo. A sa mort, la tâche revient à sa veuve, la ravissante et délicate Miyuki. Elle doit affronter les risques du voyage, les pièges de la grande ville, la magie et la sorcellerie et les malintentionnés en tout genre. »

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  • Erskine Caldwell, Margaret Bourke-White, and the popular front : photojournalism in Russia - Jay E. Caldwell

    « Erskine Caldwell's novels Tobacco Road (1932) and God's Little Acre (1933) made the author a popular and critically acclaimed chronicler of the South but also a controversial one, due to his work's political themes and depictions of sexuality. Margaret Bourke-White was the first female photojournalist for LIFE in 1936, and her iconic images graced its covers and helped solidify the magazine as a preeminent visual periodical. When Caldwell and Bourke-White married in 1939, they were both celebrities, popular and provocative in equal measures because of their leftist politics and their questioning of American cultural norms. They collaborated on the photo- documentary books You Have Seen Their Faces (1937), North of the Danube (1939), and Say, Is This the U.S.A. (1941). In the summer of 1941, the couple entered Russia on assignment and were there when the Germans invaded on June 22. As a result, Caldwell and Bourke-White were the rst Americans to report on the Russian war front by broadcast radio and continued to transmit almost daily newspaper articles about the Russian reaction to the war. Their international celebrity and their clout within the Soviet literary establishment provided them remarkable access to people and places during their five-month stay. »

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  • We Should All Be Feminists - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


    International Women’s Day 2017

    « Her essay, We Should All Be Feminists, adapted from her 2013 TEDx talk, has remained on the bestseller lists, particularly in Sweden, where in 2015 it was distributed to every 16-year-old high-school student in the land. The talk was sampled by Beyoncé in her song Flawless. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century, one rooted in inclusion and awareness. Drawing extensively on her own experiences and her deep understanding of the often masked realities of sexual politics, here is one remarkable author’s exploration of what it means to be a woman now – an of-the-moment rallying cry for why we should all be feminists. »

    International Woman's Day 2017

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  • Finir en beauté : pièce en un acte de décès - Mohamed El Khatib

    Grand prix de littérature dramatique 2016

    « Entre la pièce de théâtre et le documentaire, cette histoire permet d'aborder les relations qu'entretiennent parents et enfants et les questions que soulève la mort de la mère. »

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  • Growing up with girl power : girlhood on screen and in everyday life - Rebecca C. Hains


    International Women’s Day 2017

    « For more than a decade, girl power has been a cultural barometer, reflecting girlhood's everchanging meanings. How did girl power evolve from a subcultural rallying cry to a mainstream catchphrase, and what meaning did young girls find in its pop culture forms? From the riot grrrls to the Spice Girls to The Powerpuff Girls, and influenced by books like Reviving Ophelia and movements like Take Our Daughters to Work Day, Growing Up With Girl Power charts this history. It considers how real girls who grew up with girl power interpreted its messages about empowerment, girlhood, strength, femininity, race, and more, and suggests that for young girls, commercialized girl power had real strengths and limitations--sometimes in fascinating, unexpected ways. Encompassing issues of preadolescent body image, gender identity, sexism, and racism, Growing Up With Girl Power underscores the importance of talking with young girls, and is a compelling addition to the literature on girls, media, and culture.. »

    A Compagnion Website
    International Woman's Day 2017

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  • Le grand combat - Ta-Nehisi Coates

    « A West Baltimore dans les années 1980, les gangs et le crack sont le seul horizon des gosses du quartier. Ta-Nehisi est voué lui aussi à devenir un bad boy. Mais son père Paul, ancien Black Panther passionné de littérature, lui fait découvrir Malcolm X et James Baldwin. C'est une révélation. L'adolescent rêveur, égaré dans les frasques d'une famille hors norme, se jure d'échapper à son destin. Epopée lyrique aux accents hip-hop, portée par l'amour et l'ambition, Le Grand Combat est l'histoire magnifique d'un éveil au monde, un formidable message d'espoir.
    Né en 1975 à Baltimore, Ta-Nehisi Coates est l'auteur d'Une colère noire (Autrement, 2016), couronné par le National Book Award 2015. Figure intellectuelle majeure aux Etats-Unis, il a été salué par Toni Morrison et Barack Obama. Il vit à New York avec sa femme et son fils. »

    disponible en anglais: http://www.a-z.lu/BIBNET:All_bibnet:ALEPH_LUX01001422008


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  • Kein Kapitalismus ist auch keine Lösung : die Krise der heutigen Ökonomie, oder, Was wir von Smith, Marx und Keynes lernen können - Ulrike Herrmann

    « Die herrschende ökonomische Lehre bildet nicht die Realität ab. Bereits bei Smith, Marx und Keynes hingegen findet sich fast alles, um unser Wirtschaftssystemzu verstehen. »

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  • Three kings in Baghdad, the tragedy of Iraq’s monarchy - Gerald de Gaury

    “This is the tragic story of the short-lived Iraqi monarchy. The first king of Iraq, Faisal I, was installed by the British in 1921. Faisal, who had led the Arab Revolt and fought alongside T.E. Lawrence, was a major player in the politics of the Middle East. He was also, most importantly, pro-British and thus 'suitable' to lead an independent Iraq. His son and successor, Ghazi, a strong pan-Arab nationalist, felt very differently. He supported the first military coup in the Arab world and was said to hold German sympathies. Ghazi's suspicious death in a car accident left his son, also named Faisal, King at the age of four. So Iraq was ruled by his uncle, Abdulillah, as regent until the boy came of age. Iraq's artificially-imposed monarchy came to an abrupt and bloody end in July 1958 when Faisal II and Abdulillah, along with the Prime Minister, Nuri al Said, and many members of Faisal's family, were gunned down and the country was declared a republic. Three Kings in Baghdad is a unique and timely account of this portentous moment in Iraq's history.”

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  • The life and death of Sophie Stark - Anna North

    « Sophie’s tale is told posthumously by the six people who knew her best: her lover; her brother; her husband; her college crush; her colleague; and the journalist who tracked her film-making career from its artless beginning to its sad and shocking end. Through their stories we see Sophie and her brief life in a series of snapshots, from the wide-angled (her humdrum childhood in small town Iowa; the twists and turns of her odd, brilliant directorial career) to the close-up: her esoteric wardrobe; her fondness for chicken and oatmeal; her vast, candid eyes, on which each of the narrators separately fixates. Brilliant, infuriating, all-seeing and unknowable, Sophie Stark makes films said to be 'more like life than life itself'. But her genius comes at a terrible cost: to her husband, to the brother she left behind, and to an actress who knows too much. It has been a hit in America, with Lena Dunham describing its protagonist as a "totally unforgettable female antihero". »

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  • La lutte des signes - Zvonimir Novak

    « Depuis quarante ans, l'autocollant politique fleurit nos murs. Son terrain de prédilection : le mobilier urbain. Mauvaises herbes des panneaux de signalisation, des boîtes aux lettres, des bancs publics, il est chez lui...partout. Il n'a aucun respect, le malséant ! Si bien qu'il peut atterrir sur le coeur d'un manifestant, sur le front d'une femme en colère, le contact est immédiat, un collé serré avec le revendiquant, l'exaspéré, le militant devenu homme-sandwich des signes. La clef de son succès se trouve bien là, dans cette aptitude à passer d'un support à un autre. Est-il dérivé historique de l'affiche ? Non ! Issu d'une autre branche, celle de la petite imagerie d'influence, héritier des vignettes emblématiques de la Révolution Française, du papillon et de l'insigne de journée, l'autocollant est un concentré de graphisme. Pourtant il n'a fait l'objet d'aucune étude d'ensemble. Il est donc temps de réparer cette injustice et d'ouvrir notre regard sur le monde des signes politiques. Car ce bel éphémère écrit l'histoire au quotidien, celle vécue par le principal acteur de terrain : le militant. Rafraîchisseur de mémoire, un voyage en autocollant permet de revivre des évènements oubliés, une manifestation mémorable, un meeting passé inaperçu. Bavard insatiable, il balance tellement qu'il devient un indicateur privilégié de l'identité des structures militantes et un révélateur de notre culture politique. Cet agitateur d'idées, véritable transpiration des villes, prouve que nos sociétés sont encore bien vivantes ! »

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  • Mio padre - Rossana Campo ; traduit de l'italien par Anaïs Bouteille-Bokobza

    Prix Strega Giovani du meilleur roman 2016.

    « Renato vient de mourir et sa fille évoque avec tendresse et ironie sa fascination pour un personnage complexe, impulsif, menteur et séducteur, mais aussi porté sur la boisson, parfois violent et sans grands égards pour sa femme.»

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  • The poem is you : 60 contemporary - Stephen Burt

    « Contemporary American poetry has plenty to offer new readers, and plenty more for those who already follow it. Yet its difficulty and sheer variety leaves many readers puzzled or overwhelmed. The critic, scholar, and poet Stephen Burt sets out to help. Beginning in the early 1980s, where critical consensus ends, Burt canvasses American poetry of the past four decades, from the headline-making urgency of Claudia Rankine s Citizen to the stark pathos of Louise Gluck, the limitless energy of J. F. Herrera, and the erotic provocations of D. A. Powell. The book is a guide to the diverse magnificences of American poetry today. It presents a wide range of poems selected by Burt for this volume, each accompanied by an original essay explaining how a given poem works, why it matters, and how the poem speaks to other parts of art and culture »

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  • Sahib, the British soldier in India - Richard Holmes

    ”From bestselling author of ‘Tommy’ and ‘Redcoat’, the rich history of the British soldier in India from Clive to the end of empire considered to be the jewel in Britain’s imperial crown. Sahib is a broad and sweeping military history of the British soldier in India, but its focus, like that of Tommy and Redcoat before it, will be on the men who served in India and the women who followed them across that vast and dusty continent, bore their children, and, all too often, mopped their brows as they died.

    The book examines Indian soldiering in peace and war, from Kipling’s ‘snoring barrack room’ to storming parties assaulting mighty fortresses, cavalry swirling across open plains, and khaki columns inching their way between louring hills. Making full use of extensive and often neglected archive material in the India Office Library and National Army Museum, ‘Sahib’ will do for the British soldier in India – whether serving a local ruler, forming part of the Indian army, or soldiering with a British regiment – what ‘Tommy’ has done for the ordinary soldier in World War I.”

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  • Agit tracts - Zvonimir Novak

    « Qui n'a jamais eu de tract entre les mains ? Difficile d'imaginer que ce modeste bout de papier, tout juste bon à être jeté, fut pendant longtemps une arme capable de provoquer des séismes politiques. Depuis qu'il existe sous la forme de libelle, de mazarinade ou de pamphlet, son pouvoir de nuisance n'est plus à démontrer. Si l'affiche couvre les murs, le tract occupe la rue où il circule facilement de main en main. Grâce à son petit format et à son impact visuel, il devient à l'approche du xxe siècle un outil essentiel pour mener des actions politiques et militaires. De l'affaire Dreyfus à Mai 68, en passant par la Grande Guerre, le Front populaire, la Seconde Guerre mondiale, la guerre d'Indochine ou encore celle d'Algérie, le tract est un moyen de diffuser des vérités souvent crues et affranchies de toute censure. »

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  • The view from the cheap seats : selected non-fiction - Neil Gaiman

    « This collection will draw you in to exchanges on making good art and Syrian refugees, the power of a single word and playing the kazoo with Stephen King, writing about books, comics and the imagination of friends, being sad at the Oscars and telling lies for a living. Here Neil Gaiman opens our minds to the people he admires and the things he believes might just mean something - and welcomes us to the conversation too. Neil Gaiman's work has been honoured with many awards internationally, including the Newbery and Carnegie Medals. »

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