Xi yan [Film] = The wedding banquet = Garçon d'honneur

dir. by Ang Lee ; screenplay by Neil Peng, Ang Lee, James Schamus

This 1993 international hit by Ang Lee is a funny and poignant story of a gay, Taiwanese-American man who goes to some lengths to fool his visiting family that he's actually straight. The results are far more complicated and entertaining than anyone could have guessed. The Wedding Banquet is the first of three movies that Ang Lee made featuring gay characters ; the second is Brokeback Mountain and the third is Taking Woodstock. The film is a co-production between Taiwan and the United States. The film suggests that there can be a reconciliation between Eastern and western cultures, unlike Amy Tan's novels where the cultural differences are portrayed as irreconcilable. It won the Golden Bear at the 43rd Berlin International Film Festival.

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