The art of Ray Harryhausen

Ray Harryhausen and Tony Dalton ; with a foreword by Peter Jackson

Ray Harryhausen is the acknowledged grandmaster of special effects in the pre-computer era, the creator of classics such as "Clash of the Titans". The focus is not on the movies themselves, but on the vast hoard of artwork that Harryhausen has carefully preserved in his London home, much of which is published here for the first time. Reproduced to the highest standards, it includes preliminary sketches, elaborate drawings of key scenes and carefully plotted storyboards, all produced as he sought backing for his next venture and prepared to undertake the laborious task of animating the prehistoric creatures, aliens and mythical monsters which stole scene after scene from the human actors. Also depicted here are the tiny, elaborately articulated models which Harryhausen created to play these roles and the bronzes which he cast to preserve their forms in perpetuity

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